It began as a blog about completing a thesis, it became a blog about everything but completing a thesis, it ended with a complete thesis.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What is this melodrama? Give the man a slap, an earl grey and make sure he doesn't miss breakfast in future!

On December 20th 2004, following a chat with a good pal, I started the Shane blog - originally it was titled 'New Town, New Love, Unwritten Thesis'. I blundered into it really, not much forethought went into it. Bit of an arse that the url never matched the title - an oaf, I too can be.

Originally, I had romantic illusions of the blog being a useful device for helping me complete the great PhD tome. Truth is it wasn't. For a long time, the blogosphere proved to be a pleasant distraction from more important life-directing matters. In the past few months, I've done much less distraction. I've written and read less blog stuff, more 'other' stuff, and I'm getting interesting contract work.

I will make two more posts to this blog. The second of these will be some time in 2006 (non-negotiable!) and will be the final word on what happened to the great tome. This will mark complete Shane blog closure. If I was a bookmaker, on this I'd be offering odds of: Happy ending 11/10, Happy ending with amendments 4/7, Goddawful ending 100/1, Bullshitter never came back to make that second post 66/1.

The first post of the two posts will be made in a couple of weeks. If you've any subject matter or query/ies (however general or personal) that you would like to see featured, let me know. Otherwise, you leave it to chance - a bit like that 'NEXT BLOG >>' button in the top right hand corner, and you wouldn't want to go there, would you?