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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A brief post in which Shane evidences his preparedness for Christmas...

Marie: You remember that Jon and Dee, and Dee's daughter - Anna - will be joining us for Christmas don't you?
Shane: Yeah. How old is Anna?
Marie: About 12, maybe 13
Shane: Right
Marie: Mm, it'll seem unusual having a kid around
Shane: Yeah. (Pause) So will she - the kid - be doing present-receiving and so on?
Marie: Yeah, and we will too
Shane: Uh?
Marie: Adults can exchange gifts too y' know
Shane: (Appalled at self) Oh god! I genuinely forgot about that... it's because of all the TV ad's for kids' stuff
Marie: So you're not fully prepared then?
Shane: No
Marie: Has Alex been asking for much?
Shane: Yeah, every time there's adverts on TV it's 'I want that, and that, and that, and that...'
Marie: And your response to is?
Shane: I pour scorn on the rugged boyish toys and wait for a very pink Barbie-type thing to crop up, then I heap praise on it and say 'Oh that looks good - I'll get you that', at which point he appeals to his mother for assurances
Marie: The spirit of Christmas eh?
Shane: Absolutely. And besides, I'm telling myself that I'm doing him a favour by not heaping 'stuff' on him. After all, surely that's what guilt-ridden parents are for
Marie: (With raised eyebrow) Mm... and people with money
Shane: (With ill-hidden frown) Oh yes, and people with money.