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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shane sighs, shortly after hearing a BBC Radio Five Live presenter ask the nation 'Does Stanley Tookie Williams deserve to die?'

There's many things that I find amazing.
The passage of time is one of them.
Or, changes in individual and social politicking, if you want to put it like that.

I've no doubt that Stanley T. Williams has changed over the years, we can all see that - from convicted murderer to Nobel Peace Prize nominated educator. I think that's kind of besides the point though.

Anyway, the man awaits a Hollywood ending... gulp!

Now, I must switch the radio channel... my physical and mental distance from the Williams and Arnie situation was comforting. Callers to the BBC are eroding that comfort...

And then, in a moment of wryest juxtaposition, a new radio feature begins. I hear Morgan Freeman intone 'In the harshest place on earth, love finds a way...'. Beautiful eh... until he says 'March of the Penguins'.

* * *
Update I (Monday, 3:28pm GMT): '... Convicted of four murders, Williams, 51, will be executed on Tuesday unless Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger grants clemency or a federal appeal succeeds.

Mr Schwarzenegger said earlier he was agonising over the clemency request.

...Mr Schwarzenegger held a clemency hearing on Thursday and has until midnight (0800 GMT Tuesday) to make his decision.

...Williams is scheduled to receive lethal injection at 0001 (0801 GMT) at San Quentin prison, north of San Francisco.'

'The most advanced nation on earth'?

* * *
Update II (Monday 9:50pm GMT): "...After studying the evidence, searching the history, listening to the arguments and wrestling with the profound consequences, I could find no justification for granting clemency," Mr Schwarzenegger said.

"The facts do not justify overturning the jury's verdict or the decisions of the courts in this case," the governor added.

* * *
Bollocks, the most advanced nation on earth!